NASA and SpaceX Crew-5 spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station

The Crew-5, NASA’s fifth manned mission to the International Space Station on SpaceX company shipsarrived this Thursday at its destination a few minutes late, and successfully docked after a journey of around 30 hours.

The ship Endurancewhich was propelled by a falcon 9 rocket since Cape Canaveral (Florida), took on board two NASA astronautsthe mission commander, Nicole Aunapu Mannand the Pilot Josh Cassada; with him astronaut Koichi Wakataof the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and the Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikinafrom Roscosmos, who will serve as mission specialists

“Astronauts #Crew5 arrived at the space station at 5:01 pm ET. The @EspaceX Dragon Endurance docked with the complex in orbit as the spacecraft flew approximately 258 miles (366 km) over the west coast of Africa,” he reported in Twitter the International Space Station.

After the coupling and after work depressurizationthe Expedition 68 crew stationed on the ISS welcomed the members of Crew-5.

The new “tenants” of the space laboratory met the four crew members of the Dragon Freedom capsule, the Crew-4, who traveled to the ISS last April: NASA astronauts Kjell Lindgren, Robert Hines Y Jessica Watkinsand the European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Samantha Cristoforettiof Italian nationality.

These astronauts from the Crew-4 mission will undock from the ISS and land off the coast of Florida (USA) later this month, NASA said in the mission blog.


During her time in the lab, the crew of Crew-5 will carry out more than 200 scientific experiments and technological tests in areas such as healthincluding research on heart disease, and moon fuelNASA noted.

Crew-5 is the eighth manned mission carried out by SpaceX since the beginning of its operations, and also the first commanded by a woman, Nicole Aunapu Mann, who in turn made her first space trip.

The commander is also the first Native American woman to travel to space: belongs to the Wailacki-Round Valley Indian tribefrom Northern California.

Likewise, Kikina traveled in the capsule, who thus becomes the first cosmonaut of the Russian space agency Roscosmos to board a SpaceX ship.

The Crew-5 marks the first spaceflight for Mann, Cassada and Kikina, and the fifth for Wakata.

This is the sixth SpaceX flight with NASA astronautsincluding the Demo-2 test flight in 2020 to the space station, as part of the agency’s commercial crew program.

With the arrival of this Thursday at the ISS, SpaceX, the private company of the tycoon Elon Muskhas managed to carry 30 people into space, a “major milestone” for the company’s manned spaceflight program, he said. Sarah WalkerDirector of Dragon Mission Management.

SpaceX has been sending astronauts to the International Space Station and returning them to Earth in collaboration with NASA since 2020.