Naming Championship? The tough negotiation in which the ANFP faces the clubs to define the name of the next National Tournament

Catholic University, through the official Cruzados account on Twitter, managed to promote the fixture of the National Championship. The students intended to inform their fans regarding the dates of the commitments that the team will have to face ariel holan in the tournament, although they attracted attention for another reason. The tweet spoke of “Naming Championship”, a generic name for the tournament. The message lasted a few minutes on the platform. Then it was withdrawn.

In the ANFP They recognize that the negotiation to obtain the official sponsor of the next contest is not yet concluded and they try to explain from that point of view the communication slip of the students. In that scenario, they rule out some intentionality. “Surely, they have a template and they uploaded it just like that”, they justify in Peñalolén. The concrete thing is that the talks continue their course and are not exempt from difficulties. On the contrary, at the Chilean soccer headquarters they admit that they have been harsh.

The naming right of the tournament has been negotiating since October. In fact, there is a millionaire proposal on the table. The Betsson bookmaker offered US$ 2.5 million for the right to associate its name with the most important sports competition in the country. The figure is tempting and, by the way, much higher than the last agreement in this regard: AFP PlanVital paid only US$500,000 in the agreement that allowed it to win the denomination until the last season.

Betsson is one of those interested in sponsoring the National Championship (Photo: Andrés Pérez)

If it is about numbers, the pact could have been closed conveniently. The comparison of the amounts saves considerations. But that factor is not the only one at stake. One of the main ones has to do with the processing of the bill that will prohibit the relationship between football and bookmakers. In this sense, legal studies have been commissioned to determine eventual incompatibilities.

Spanish Union he was one of those who installed the alert. “Unión Española reports that at the meeting of the Council of Club Presidents held yesterday to define the bases of the 2023 National Tournament, affiliated clubs were urged to use the logo of the next sponsor of the tournament in part of the clothing and other advertising spaces ”, exposed the club as an introduction to a statement published on November 30. “Being the brand in reference an online betting house, we expressed during the Council our total and absolute disagreement with this determination”, they add, referring, later, to the bill that seeks to end the relationship between these companies and soccer. The Hispanics also emphasize that they were the only club that opposed the agreement.

Matter generates tensions. In Betsson, naturally, there is annoyance about the way in which the negotiations have been carried out, especially considering the magnitude of the proposal they had made. PlanVital and Easy are the other firms that have expressed interest.

Leandro Fernández, blue reinforcement, poses with the new U shirt.

There is a key point that generates tension, especially between the clubs: tournament participants must include the distinctive logo of the tournament, on the right sleeve of the shirt, between the shoulder and the elbow of the player. The graph will be provided by the ANFP. The aforementioned logo may be displayed on the left sleeve in the event that the team is playing an international tournament and must use the logo of said competition on the right sleeve. Advertising should also be placed on the fields of the stadiums. Failure to comply with this rule will be penalized with a fine that can range from 100 to 500 UF. If there is recidivism, the punishment can range from one thousand to five thousand UF. Where does the problem lie, especially with Betsson? In that there are clubs that have other bookmakers among their sponsors, so they would have to review their particular agreements. Two examples: Colo Colo announced Coolbet as the main sponsor and the U has a current relationship with Betano.

In other competitions, such as the Copa Libertadores, this type of incompatibility has also occurred. Without going any further, the albos, who maintain a commercial agreement with Konami, had to resign themselves to appearing in the FIFA saga, from EA Sports, the competition of the Japanese firm, which maintains an advertising contract with Conmebol that allows it to recreate the main club competition at continental level. When the agreement was signed, the threat was categorical: the clubs that did not give up their rights would be excluded from the competition.