“My step aside is not voluntary…”: Don Francisco’s unexpected confession about his “new role” in the Telethon

Surprise generated a couple of months ago when Don Francisco revealed that he will no longer be in charge of leading the Telethon. Mario Kreutzberger warned that this 2022 will be his last year as main animator, and I hope that little by little these spaces will be given to the new generations.

For the same reason, he was consulted for these statements on Tuesday, where he was a guest on Good night everyone, a TVN program hosted by Eduardo Fuentes.

In the conversation, the emblematic communicator told details of the new role that he will have from now on in the solidarity crusade.

“My step to the side is not voluntary. Nobody takes a voluntary step aside. Ask whoever you want. Neither to the doctor, nor to the general, nor to the businessman. Everyone steps aside when they feel that it has to be so for there to be continuity, “he explained at the beginning of the” everyone’s channel “.

And along the same lines, he added: “Then the fact that I almost met, I have one month left to turn 82… I cannot lead a campaign. And I take a step to the side, but I… I explain that I’m not lying down. I am attentive, I am on my feet, willing to collaborate with joy. I feel that this is the best thing we have done in Chile. I am honored that he has given me that opportunity to participate in this.”

Finally, he maintained that the idea is that new faces take the baton and lead the Telethon from now on.

“The step aside on the one hand is not a voluntary thing, but on the other hand it is to collaborate in everything and give the opportunity to a generation like you,” he told Eduardo Fuentes, to whom he threw flowers for his participation in the closure. of the Telethon tour, which took place in Puerto Montt and in which he was accompanied by Karen Doggenweiler.

Don Francisco’s confession