“My heart is broken into a thousand pieces…”: the furious reaction of the participant after the unexpected disqualification of The Disciple of the Chef

Impacto generated this Thursday the unexpected disqualification of White Honey from El Discípulo del Chef, who was removed from the competition after contracting Covid-19.

For this reason, as soon as the announcement was made on the screen, the participant used her social networks to download herself without a filter.

“Today after so long, I can finally let off steam and tell you how things happened in the @discipulochv”, he said from the start on the virtual platform in a video where he revealed that “my heart is really broken into a thousand pieces”.

“Many of you asked me what had happened and why I had stopped uploading things about the program and after this chapter on the air I can speak clearly and close this painful, unexpected and frustrating cycle,” he added.

“Without a doubt, I still think that this was not the best decision or the best way to have dealt with the situation, I am very disappointed in the production of the program and the lack of empathy about a global pandemic that was clearly not under my control,” he said. before thanking for the good vibes he received from his followers.

In addition, Honey chatted with Page 7 and revealed other details related to his departure.

“I felt that the decision is tremendously unfair. Not only was I the one who presented problems with COVID, at that very moment, but it was also a chef, who was part of those who carried out the tests, ”she said.

And in that same sense, he said that the disqualification “hurt me a lot, it affected me, because I was infected and knowing this, the channel did not take any action in this regard; They didn’t care about me again. During The Chef’s Disciple there were many people who got sick, who missed different chapters, everything happened, and I never missed anyone, I always decided to give everything, fight until the end and this problem happened ”.

“I could have been infected on the same channel and they didn’t even give me a solution, they just decided to eliminate me and really I was psychologically very bad, in fact I am with a psychologist for the same reason, because it affected me a lot personally,” he added without anesthesia .

The release of honey

On the other hand, Honey said that she was left with her spirits on the ground after being removed from the competition.

“I was very sorry, I was left with many emotional problems. I talk about it and it continues to make me feel sorry, because I feel that it is a very unfair decision. I spent two months giving everything, full discipline, study, “she recounted before regretting being left out of the final for something that” is not under my control.

In addition, he accused that there were no “equal measures” for everyone and that “there were many people in the program who decided to miss it, and they eliminated me the first time. It was super unfair and a super bad decision made.”

Finally, he assured that if he reached the decisive stage, he could perfectly keep the jackpot.

“I could have won, I would have loved to show the world the cooking I do. I love cooking, it’s my passion and it would have been wonderful to have won. The most important thing to be able to win is to believe in you, and I believed in myself. It was super disappointing, depressing how this situation happened, I am sorry to this day, ”she finished.