“My face falls off”: Yamila Reyna hit with a chilling episode with her deceased father

A story that left everyone with goosebumps was the one Yamila Reyna told this Friday in the middle of her participation in Podemos Hablar.

Argentina recalled in the Chilevisión program a paranormal episode related to her deceased father, Daniel Humberto Reyna.

“Many know that my father left five years ago. I was super skeptical to believe that it was a life beyond this plane, but this taught me that love transcends all planes. I was in a relationship with Daniel Valenzuela, the ‘Palomo’, and we felt that the glass of the room rattled with the fingernail, when they hit the window. My dad hit the windows with his nails, always, ”he indicated at the beginning.

In addition, the comedian said that “the next day I was sitting in bed and the TV started to change the channel, it didn’t stop. She (…) she had read that people express themselves through technology. At the time, she was writing a message for my dad (on social media).”

Jamila’s story

“I was devastated… I was writing that, despite the pain I was in, I was going to work that night with my light, I had work to do that day. Daniel recommends that I ask Vanessa Daroch, who is a very good friend of mine, but she did not feel ready, “said the Argentine.

After cardboard, a shocking situation occurred in the middle of a meeting that his closest ones made to lift his spirits, in which the tarot reader Vanesa Daroch was, who precisely delivered a message that left her in shock.

“She tells me: ‘I just saw your dad’, she didn’t know him and she described him to me as I saw him in my dreams. To all this, I never uploaded the message to my dad… Then Vanessa tells me: ‘Your dad says thank you for what you wrote him today. You wrote to him that you were going to work with his light.’ My face falls off, I had deleted that publication, it does not exist, ”the current face of TVN closed her story.