“My children took it very badly, they suffered”: the episode of Carmen Gloria Arroyo on TV that was “a before and after”

At the time that CHV was in charge of the Viña Festival, in 2011, Carmen Gloria ran for Queen of the contest, although it definitely ended up not being a great experience; on the contrary.

“I ended up having a bad time and I withdrew from the contest,” the ex started by recountingThe judge in Textual Game (Channel 13).

“I think it was a before and after in my participation in television, because for me it was a game, to have fun and have a good time,” he said.

However, he lamented, “late I realized that there were people who played the year of work there; So there were other codes that I wasn’t willing to play.”

The decision

It got to the point that “I felt like a chicken in someone else’s pen,” he assured, and, in fact, “I regretted having entered a game in which I did not know the rules.”

He did not want to continue, a decision that came after “they told me physical disqualifications, disqualifications of personal traits.” Furthermore, she remarked, “it wasn’t just me; my children were very young and did not understand”.

He even dared to tell an example: “One day, in one of the comments they said ‘that cancerous mole he has in his mouth’, and my son started crying, he said to me ‘mom, do you have cancer and you didn’t tell me? ‘; and I thought ‘no, I’m not ready for this’”.

“My children took it very badly, they suffered,” he said.

Some time ago, in 2018, he revealed in the morning Very good days (TVN) that even “I went to the press room to ask the journalists not to vote for me.”