“My baby fiu fiu”: the secret story of the viral that involves a former President and a clandestine love

Sometime in 2022, “My baby fiu fiu”a melodious song that occupies an Eminem base, was the number one trend on Tik Tok.

The popular song is a creation of the musicians Tito Silva and Tefy C, on the melody of “Stan”.

From it, millions of users in Latin America have made challenges, parodies and have even dared with their own versions and even romantic videos.

However, what few know is that behind “Mi baby fiu fiu” hides a unique story of lovers.

You are my baby, my baby fiu fiu

“Mi bebito fiu fiu” was composed by Peruvian producer Tito Silva, who took inspiration from private conversations between a former President of his country and his alleged lover.

Behind the viral “My little baby Fiu Fiu” there is a story of hidden love, drama, infidelity and also power.

His lyrics come from the chats between the former president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, and his alleged lover, the former congressional candidate of that country, Zully Pinchi.

Precisely with Zully, the former president was unfaithful to his wife, Maribel Díaz Cabello, according to the Peruvian press.

It all started back in March 2018, after the noisy dismissal of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for money laundering, when Vizcarra came to power in Peru, although he would later be investigated for corruption and parliament would ask for his resignation.

My baby fiu fiu

The story of a viral song

The press of his country leaked intimate conversations of the former President, where it was possible to see that Pinchi called him “my baby” and that, in response to a photograph, he wrote “fiu fiu”, in reference to the whistle.

That’s where the name of the song that has gone viral comes from.

Tito Silva also integrated a poem that was supposedly written by the former candidate for the then president, followed by a statement by Vizcarra in which he tried to clear his name.

“For me, the most important thing in my life, the most important thing is my family,” is heard in the song with the voice of Vizcarra. “Family that I formed with Maribel, my wife 30 years ago. The woman I love and with whom I want to live until the last of my days.

For her part, Zully Pinchi said that “what has appeared, about the chats and Tik Tok, is false. For example, it is said that he dedicated poems to Vizcarra, when they are fragments of poems that I wrote years ago and that were read in public”.

“They are using me as a smokescreen to cover up other issues,” he accused.

“If there is someone who should go out and clarify things, it is Mr. Vizcarra. He is the one who has to be held accountable, not me,” said the woman.

And he made it very clear: “I don’t need to go out looking for men, I have many suitors and I keep them all away. I am very serious and selective. It’s not my fault if someone gets excited about me.”

Controversy and withdrawal from the platforms

The original video of “Mi bebito fiu fiu” was broadcast on the YouTube channel of Tito Silva, who is dedicated to making parodies.

Right there he said that he took as a basis the song “Stan” by Eminem without paying copyright.

And despite the fact that he has not received lawsuits, he decided to withdraw it from the platforms.

But as you know: everything that goes up to the Internet, stays on the Internet.

The theme was even sung by people like Bad Bunny.

The following is a selection of versions and challenges, including the one made by Pedropiedra and Gepe in Chile:

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