Music with supercar chords

      Not infrequently the ways of the passion for the automobile and audiophilia they cross. And with the latest collaboration between McLaren and specialist Bowers & Wilkins, it has happened again. And it is that the second of these British firms has just launched the ‘Px8 McLaren Edition’a limited edition of its headphones for sound enthusiasts.

      Said headphones constitute one more part of the ‘partnership’ that both brands have maintained since 2015and whose recent fruit has been the audio equipment that B&W has developed for the artura supercar.

      To the rhythm of the technique

      True to the philosophy that permeates McLaren products, the Px8 McLaren Edition is presented to us with a sober and minimalist aesthetic, but at the same time denotes a solid and durable construction.

      The greyish tone predominates although the papaya orange, the hallmark of the company, can be seen in subtle details such as the wiring, the headband ring or the edge that mediates between the earphone casings and their sponges.


      Beneath the latter, two speakers equipped with 40 mm cones in carbon fiber They are responsible for providing high-resolution sound (in 24 bits) as powerful as it is crystal clear. All this seasoned with the comfort that comes with the active noise cancellation system that it includes, which reduces distractions helping to concentrate on listening.

      On the side corresponding to the right ear we have several controls to regulate the volumemute the sound and pair the headphones via Bluetooth with the device where we store our music.

      mclaren px8 headphones


      Thus, wireless listening is the default way to enjoy the Px8 McLaren Edition but, for those moments when the battery dies or we can relax near our living room equipment, They can also be connected by cable. in the traditional way. In either of the two ways, music is heard without alterations in reproduction quality thanks to its digital processor.

      Finally, through the Bowers & Wilkins ‘Music App’ mobile application it is possible to access major music and podcast services in ‘streaming’ that we usually use on our smartphone such as Tidal, Deezer or Qobuz.