MultiVersus closes 2022 with a flight of players on Steam

Warner’s free fighting game has lost so many users that it fails to climb four figures online on Steam.

MultiVersus It seemed to be a great candidate to stay in the field of free games and in a genre where few can dominate the market. However there are numbers, specifically in Steamwhich seem to show an unexpected collapse over the months.

according to Steam Charts the fighting game says goodbye to 2022 but with three to four figures of connected user peaks on the Valve platform. It should be noted that, by the end of November, he had suffered his lowest number after a glorious start with peaks of 100-150 thousand simultaneous users.

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«Player drop since the release of MultiVersus on Steam until December 31, 2022. Via Steam Charts»

The first drop of MultiVersus came between August and September of this year, just when its first season entered with a lot of content and first figures like Gizmo and the Rick & Morty duo. After her, she lost that average of 40,000 frequent players and went on to have at least 8,000.

Then we had the second period entry, which started on November 15 and has a closing date for February 14 of next year. Unfortunately, there was no significant increase in the number of users and that, just for a few days, between 3,000 and 2,000 connected until the beginning of December.

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Despite the flight of players, MultiVersus updates are still almost frequent. In fact the last one, dated December 13thincluded the content of the FestiVersus. From the 18th of the same month you can enjoy your event that commemorates the Christmas season with festive cosmetics available until January 17, 2023. You also received a map inspired by the Game of Thrones Throne Room and a skin for Black Adam that transforms him into his film version played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.