Mowing the lawn Star Wars style: with lasers (video) | Life

With a little imagination, engineering know-how, and a 3D printer, miracles can be done.

There are many types of Lawn mowersbut all of them follow the same principle: metal blades that rotate rapidly, cutting the grass.

to the youtuber rctestflight a madness has occurred to him: to build a laser lawnmower. That is to say, instead of blades it has a ray capable of cutting the grass as if it were a sword of starwars.

As you can see in this video, it is a complicated task that requires multiple steps. But the end result is worth it Mowing the lawn with lasers!

The first step is obvious: find the laser beam that will cut the grass. After several tests, he decided to use one of the ones that come on laser cutting machines.

Is about a ray of light that can blind you forever if you look at it directly, or it bounces back and hits you in the eyes. So the main limitation of the laser mower is that it can only be used with glasses, and there can be no people nearby.

The laser could cut grass, but it had a problem: His range was very short. just a few centimeters. To lengthen it she decided to attach some glasses photographic camera.

Using a 3D printercreated a rotating platform for the laser to move from side to side, covering quite a bit of surface.

At the last minute he decided change lightning motion. Instead of aiming parallel to the ground, which was very unsafe, he decided to aim vertically from above.

Technical problems apart, as we see at the end of the video, the lawn mower is capable of cutting grass with lasers. Got it!

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