Mortal Shell has unexpectedly returned to Game Pass

The Dark Souls-inspired action RPG Mortal Shell has unexpectedly returned to Game Pass. The game was removed from the offer last November.

quite unexpectedly death shellCold Symmetry Action RPG, Has returned to GamePass.

  1. This comes as a surprise. The game was previously available for a long time as part of Game Pass, but it was removed from the service last November.
  2. Now, just over a month later, Mortal Shell has returned to Game Pass.
  3. It is unknown what caused the game’s brief absence from the service. Most likely, the developers and publishers contract with Microsoft has come to an end and it took a little longer than expected to negotiate a new one.
  4. Mortal Shell on Game Pass is available for both PC and Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles.

Mortal Shell debuted in 2020 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with PS5 and XSX/S versions releasing in 2021, and last month we got a Nintendo Switch port.

The game received a rather warm reception. On OpenCritic it has an average rating of 76%. On Steam, on the other hand, 73% of user reviews praise the title, which is classified as a “mostly positive” reception.

Mortal Shell also turned out to be a commercial success. Within seven months of its release, the game found over half a million buyers.

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