Mon Laferte conquers the Movistar Arena on his overwhelming return to Chile

The first bars were enough Even if you die to come backa topic that is only a little over a year old, so that the audience would give themselves fully to Mon Laferte. The Chilean singer who is a star in Mexico, was reunited with the country with a high-impact show, with an international bill at the height of her status in the industry.

The night at the Movistar Arena kicked off with some nods to the singer’s classic repertoire. And an almost immediate hit with the invitation to the stage to “the teacher” Myriam Hernandezwith whom he delivered a superb interpretation of Complete love, whose musical construction is indebted to the Latin romantic song, found them in a single voice. More with the audience that completely sang it.

Mon, clad in a long black golden age-inspired dress, looked excited. They were going to start with another topic, but Viñamarina stopped them. “Let’s do another song.” She then surprised her with a powerful version of the classic Wound, that the audience sang along just as the public did in the nineties or, who knows, the same singer in her childhood. “I adore you,” Mon said to the balladeer at the end, with her usual charm.

Photo: Daniela Apablaza

The night was loaded with romantic song. In the pre-show, packaged music was concentrated in the Latin songbook, from Gilda to Julieta Venegas, passing through Raphael. Mon’s repertoire pays tribute to those roots with a live band with an organic and electric sound (and a retro accent), led by keyboardist Manú Jalil and guitarist Sebastián Aracena. They are supported by the always efficient Rulo, on electric bass and Cancamusa (who did the opening show) on drums. With them it is enough to sustain the music.

The show is organized by acts separated by small (and dramatic) audiovisual pieces starring, of course, Mon. A costume change followed, in which she put on a white dress with details that extended it on the shoulders, and the guitar dangling, in a cross between glam and pop.

This section was dedicated to presenting topics of 1940 Carmen, one of the two albums that Mon released in 2021. A more indie and international work, recorded in the US, which includes songs in English. A good opportunity to listen live to cuts like Supermarket, something is betteramong others that in any case were known to the unconditional public of Viñamarina.

In the second act, Mon wore a black suit, with a jacket and pants. In some way it was a reference to lively port nights with acoustic guitar and a glass of wine. This is how songs with a more Latin sound from the repertoire of Sixthe other album of 2021, which El País highlighted as one of the best 10 albums released in Latin America during that year.

The moment then was precise for the second guest, Aldo “Macha” Asenjo. Boleros then prevailed, with Aracena and Rulo on guitars, featuring classics such as Bad Honey, sung at full voice by the public. The popular romantic fiber that previously had followers such as Zalo Reyes and Palmenia Pizarro, finds in Mon a more than just heir.

More when he continued with the dramatic The braid, dedicated to her grandmother and her childhood years in the Gómez Carreño population. The countermelodies played by Aracena in the high tessitura of the guitar, like the old men in the market, gave it the precise popular air.

Then, the valseada (and chanted) my heart is going to burn, gave the show a more Mexican moment; a nod to Mon’s years in the North American giant, but also to the link between Chilean popular song and Mexico, from Jorge Negrete to the present day. And yet another proof that Mon’s is a repertoire that he invites you to sing.

On stage, Mon held the show with sympathy and talent. He joked with the public, and has polished a very fluid acting in the interpretations. In the instrumental passages she dances, approaches the first rows, receives a flower, blows kisses and, at the request of the respectable, drinks the spirits content of a glass in one sip.

Towards the end, it happened Why did I go to fall in love with youextended with an arrangement of tropical music that serves as a lively counterpoint to an intense night.

The final stretch is the holiday. Mon wore a wide red patent leather dress with which she dispatches more pop fiber themes to increase the energy of the show. there it happens What I ask, from the album Litmus (2013), in a powerful soul-inspired arrangement. And in tune with the times, Mon uses the phone’s camera connected to the screen to take a selfie, just as Rosalía does, for example.

At the end sounds an emotional your lack of wanting, the song that this year was recognized at the Pulsar with the SCD Award for the most played song on the radio. The finish with my good love (sung with a pounding throat by the public), the explosive silver ta tawith a chinchinera on stage, followed by a cumbiera version of The kiss Y tie me up (sung from the front row) added more emotional moments of a show that showed a full star and a repertoire marked by fire in a generation.