Modern Warfare 2 Burger King skins are being sold underground for 20x their value, and there’s a market for it

Modern Warfare 2 it has had a massive publicity campaign, although it has moved away from television for it. The umpteenth installment of the war saga that seeks to rescue the name of the 2009 installment as well has been promoted at Burger King with skins exclusive to the game. Far from being just a flashy promotion, you’re looking at a resale market spectacular.

It seems like a competition between 2 great launches of this last quarter of the year. And it is that while Overwatch 2 teamed up with McDonald’s to carry out a promotion skins, CoD has done it with the other big fast food brand. However, what Activision did not expect was that these same skins would be sold to third parties for no less than a €46.40as higher price.

The trigger for this “clandestine” sale of skins on popular second-hand sites is due, to a greater extent, to the fact that both the United States and the United Kingdom have been left out of the promotion. Thus, the “Burger Town” skin, which refers to that location/brand of the original Modern Warfare 2, has plagued internet portals and social networks with prices ranging mostly from 20 and 35 eurosas anticipated Kotaku.

Although to get this promotion it was only enough to buy a Whopper at Burger King, it seems that the exclusivity of this skin is making many even consider travel to eurozone countries to buy a simple hamburger. However, when it comes to codes assigned by countriesmany are realizing that these keys can not be exchanged outside the area where it was issued, so we speak of a trip in vain.

It is not something unrelated to the video game, that of course. A few months ago, Chinese players came to the fore after the closure of at least one gambling establishment. pizza hut before the massive avalanche of buyers with a view to getting a collaboration skin with Genshin Impact.