Mob tries to enter the Bad Bunny concert at the National Stadium without a ticket

This Friday night a group of people tried to forcefully enter the Bad Bunny concert at the National Stadium through one of the entrances on Avenida Grecia.

the peat composed of about 80 peoplearound 8:40 p.m. -and the same as for the Daddy Yankee concert- resorted to the “blowout” method, which through the pressure of people manage to violate controlled access to the site, without achieving its goal.

For this reason, Police Public Order Control personnel had to act in the gallery entrance sector on Grecia avenue with Pedro de Valdivia. No detainees have been reported from the police institution for these incidents.

After the concert, Colonel Juan Pablo Díaz, prefect of the Santiago Oriente Police Prefecture, reported that the service provided by the uniformed police since 9 in the morning, “was carried out completely normally. There were some incidents, where at some point a group of people who were without tickets had the intention of carrying out a ‘blowout’, which was prevented by the actions of Carabineros personnel”.

The authority added that, during the day, no police officers were injured, and that there were 12 detainees for various offenses and crimes.