MJF speaks about Vince McMahon’s retirement

After several months in silence after his controversial promo on Dynamite, MJF returned to the style media life once did his rexit at AEW All Out.

The fighter, who won an opportunity in the future for the World Championship in that same event, was interviewed this week by Ariel Helwani in MMA Hourand was able to give his opinion on issues such as Vince McMahon’s retirement wave exit of his friend cody rhodes from AEW.

On the scandal and the departure of Vince McMahon

“That’s a tough question. Well, he left a gigantic legacy in the history of the business, and there are a lot of things that have come out about it. We don’t know what is real and we don’t know what is fake. I think everything is being investigated. What I can say is that I grew up watching him, and I thought that he was tremendously talented”.

The WWE product with the coming to power of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

“I think he’s improved and he’s really good, and I also think our product is better… I think it’s great, 100%. You don’t want a monopoly in any industry unless you’re running the monopoly. I am in charge of the MJF monopoly, there is no one else like me.

But, you don’t want a monopoly in professional wrestling. You want a place where you can do what I’m doing; that allows me to have the best possible agreement. If you love professional wrestling, then you want All Elite Wrestling to succeed.”

The departure of Cody Rhodes from AEW

“It wasn’t favorable in the sense of ‘well, Cody is gone!’, but it was positive in the sense that we are all professional fighters, and what happens if someone leaves, is that they open up. new opportunities for someone else to step forward.

When big names leave, other big names pick up the baton. That’s how this business works. I think people who were friends with Cody were sad on a personal level to see him go, but this is a very competitive sport“.

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