Mini unveiled a Pikachu-themed prototype car to blow your mind

the car company Mini just introduce a new prototype vehicle themed Pikachu that will blow the minds of many fans.

This new vehicle concept was presented at the Gamescom Opening Night Live and caused a great sensation among those present, because although its exterior looks a bit conventional, the interior brings a quite revolutionary proposal with the integration of a pokeball and an animation of Pikachu on the OLED screen when starting the engine.

In addition, it has been ensured that this vehicle will allow users to connect their game consoles to create a perfect formula between Gaming and driving.

“Gamification will play an increasingly important role in the MINI of the future and offer a unique experience for our customers”

Stefanie Wurst, Director of MINI

Although it is worth noting that the details of how the consoles to the vehicle, nor what type of consoles it would accept. Surely this information will be discovered as the development of the vehicle progresses.

Now this Mini Concept Aceman It also has an integrated projector on the back that will allow movies to be projected onto a wall to become a mini version of a moving cinema. Fantastic! Do not believe it?.

In addition to being fully electric and loaded with lights in the form of lightning bolts on the front of the car.

Pokémon Day with big announcements for Pikachu fans

Pikachu and his time in the automotive industry

It should be noted that this is not the first time that The Pokemon Company partners with a car manufacturer to cause a sensation among Pikachu fans.

Although they remember Nintendo promoted Pokemon with 10 volkswagen bettle in 1998 to celebrate the arrival and success of the franchise in the United States. These were called Pokemon Patrol, while the fans called them Pika Bugs.

It is said that currently there are only 7 left Pika Bugs on the streets and are in perfect condition.

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