Millie Bobby Brown is accused of kissing another actor without his consent in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Millie Bobby Brown is being criticized by a privacy coordinator for her behavior in Enola Holmes 2.

Brown commented on a scene from the Netflix sequel on the streamer’s TikTok account, recalling a moment where he kissed his co-star. Louis Partridge.

“Right at rehearsal I grabbed his face and kissed him and he was like…” Brown says in the video, later mocking Partridge’s surprised reaction.

“It was so nice to see her really take the lead,” she said of her character Enola. “And also to see a girl take the first step is really exciting.”

@Netflix Millie Bobby Brown shares what it was like to film *that kiss* in #enolaholmes2 ♬ original sound – Netflix

there was no consent

Privacy coordinator Jessica Steinrock criticized Brown’s behavior on her TikTok page, saying that Actors shouldn’t “catch” each other in intimate scenes.

“Ooh no, I love Millie Bobby Brown, but this isn’t the pretty story you think it is,” Steinrock began. “I’m sure she and her scene partner have a lot of rapport and a lot of trust, but we should never surprise anyone during a fight or an intimate scene“.

“After all, this basically means that she did not ask consent to kiss him. And when your scene partner reacts in surprise after you’ve kissed him, that means the communication didn’t happen the way it really should.”

And adds: “Little things like this can escalate over time. and frankly, she has more power in that situation than he does because she’s such a well-known star. When we do racy scenes, we love to keep it light, to have fun, but consent is required.”

“For the record, I loved it Enola Holmes 2, but next time we have to ask for consent.”

@intimacycoordinator #stitch with @netflix consent is mandatory. We don’t need to surprise kiss, we don’t need to actually hit… #hollywood #enolaholmes #milliebobbybrown ♬ original sound – Intimacy Coordinator