Milad sends a message to crime and talks about the future of Cagigao

Pablo Milad spoke to the media after be re-elected as president of the ANFP. The former mayor of Maule thanked the 34 votes he received in the second round to defeat Lorenzo Antillo.

“I thank all the clubs for the support of a management that has not been easy. Now we start with two feet forward and to make Chilean football grow. We have to work together as an association, unite more. There will be workshops… We have to make many changes and we are on the way to it. We are convinced that we have done a fair job”Milad said.

Then, regarding the priorities of his new mandate, the leader explained that it is necessary to “Continue developing the security process in the stadiums so that the family can return and remove the negative people, who come to commit crimes.. We have to work hard and channel more investment. We need to massify the practice of soccer and technology is very important to analyze players from Arica to Puerto Montt. Also promote women’s football.

Regarding security, Pablo Milad deepened that “it is an issue that we are dealing with with the authority and criteria must be unified. We are going to continue with this plan, which is forceful, identifying the fans with their faces and taking out those who are going to commit crimes. We are going to change the functions of some guards, with greater equipment and attributions. Carabineros has not left the stadiums”.

Other themes

Continuity of Francis Cagigao: “We have to analyze it. He has done a pretty good job. Today we know what we are doing in the minor series, we have made a record of international matches, whether with the men’s or women’s teams, and that is important for the footballers”.

TAS ruling: “He says we were right, not how we wanted (to go to the World Cup), but he recognized the lack of Ecuador.”

Referees: “We are creating an external and objective commission that will qualify the referees who have to become professionals, and will evaluate them every year to see if they continue or not. Whoever does not have projection will be finished. We have to improve arbitration and centralize the VAR. The criteria are going to be unique”.