Microsoft will update the Office 365 ‘apps’ with the computer inactive or locked in just 4 seconds

MADRID, Sep. 14 (Portaltic/EP) –

microsoft has started the deployment of a new method called blocking update (‘update under lock’) that allows you to update the applications of office 365 when the computer is idle or locked, in just four seconds.

The Redmond company has used technology ‘Click-to-Run’ (click-to-run), which uses streaming and virtualization technologies, allowing users to start using applications before their full installation is complete while silently downloading in the background, Microsoft explains in a dedicated document to this process.

The technology company has applied this solution so that the system can, with the update under lockdown, update the Office 365 ‘apps’ when the computer is idle or lockedeven if they are running, as reported in a published statement in your page.

Microsoft has detailed that if an Office ‘app’ is running, its new feature will try to force it to close only when it is safe. In this sense, the company has given as an example that, if a document contains unsaved changes, its closure will not be pressed.

If it is safe, the pending update will be applied and any closed app will be restored to its previous state. The company has assured that this procedure lasts about four seconds and that it will eliminate notifications and interruptions in the user’s session.

This new update method is now available on Windows devices with active subscriptions to Microsoft 365, Visio and Project. In addition, it also includes Office 2016, 2019 and 2021 licenses under its umbrella.

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