Microsoft will keep Call of Duty on Sony consoles as long as PlayStation exists according to Phil Spencer

Since it was confirmed that Microsoft was planning to buy Activision Blizzard the future of video games from Call of Dutyand it has been an issue for that company and one of its main rivals in the world of video games, Sony.

After all, although Microsoft initially noted that deliveries of Call of Duty They would continue to come to PlayStation for a few years, from Sony they have shown their dissatisfaction with that statement and have urged different courts to investigate the purchase of Activision Blizzard and the impact it could have on the video game industry.

In this context, while the revisions to the purchase of Activision Blizzard are still ongoing, the Head of Xbox assured that Call of Duty it will never stop coming to PlayStation consoles.

During a conversation with the podcast Same Brain (via Eurogamer) Xbox Head Phil Spencer addressed the issue of Call of Duty and said that “as long as there is a PlayStation to send to” Microsoft will continue to facilitate deliveries of the saga for Sony consoles. In fact, Specncer stated that they will not remove that saga from PlayStation and would seek to adopt a similar approach to Minecraft in the sense of keeping the community independent of the users’ console or platform.

For now it is unknown if these statements by Spencer are backed by some kind of agreement or are just a strategy in the context of the investigation into the purchase of Activision Blizzard, but it is clear that this is a new edge for the discussion that would also involve a prior agreement of Activision Blizzard and Sony that would prevent the arrival of Call of Duty to GamePass.