Microsoft Trolls Sony by Alluding How Easy It Is to Place Xbox Series X Horizontally


just a few hours ago, Sony revealed to us what the Playstation 5 will look like insidehow its different parts will be distributed and how this device will cool down, to which Microsoft responded in a humorous way using Xbox Series X.

But we were also able to learn how it is possible to disassemble the vertical base of the console, in order to position it horizontally, this caused some interesting reactions in Microsoft, who quickly responded to this issue with a post on Twitter.

Certainly the idea was to realize how easy it is on Xbox Series X, to place the console horizontally simply by turning the device so that it is in that orientation.


However, the main difference between Sony demo and the one that Microsoft now mentions is that in Playstation 5 you can disassemble the vertical base and place it to one side, to orient the console horizontally, while in Xbox Series X, this base is part of the console and is not removable.

If we are fair, in terms of design and intentions of the same, Xbox Series X does not seem to be designed to be placed horizontally, this is due to how the air flows from the console, where in its upper part it has a fairly wide opening where it will come out the air, something that is evidenced in the different images that Microsoft itself has released on this subject.

On the other hand, when we see PS5, this console does not seem to have a specific design for its position in terms of airflow, since from what we have seen, it is not optimized, neither vertically nor horizontally.

Be that as it may, the effect “my dad hits yours” is brewing on social networks, and every nonsense will raise more sand in them, and although both brands have expressed not to enter a new console war, this type of action only encourages it.

Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will be released next November worldwide.