Microsoft says there would be more PlayStation users even if all CoD players went to Xbox

From Microsoft they have referred to the concerns generated by the purchase of Activision Blizzard, pointing out that even if all Call of Duty players on PlayStation went to Xbox, Sony’s player base would still be “significantly larger”.

The statement, which was made to the site GamesIndustry.bizhereads as a response from the company to the latest CMA report (Competition and Markets Authority) of the United Kingdom, due to the concerns generated by the acquisition of the study.

On the occasion, Microsoft also referred to the amount of content on the platforms, mentioning that with the acquisitions that Sony has made, these had more than 280 first-party and third-party exclusive titles on PlayStation in 2021, almost five times more than Xbox.

“In short, Sony is not vulnerable to a hypothetical foreclosure strategy, and the Reference Decision is incorrectly based on self-serving statements by Sony that significantly exaggerate the importance of Call of Duty to it and fail to take into account Sony’s clear ability to to respond competitively”, they added from Microsoft.

Finally, from Microsoft they point out that although Sony may not want to have more competition, “it has the ability to adapt and compete. Players will ultimately benefit from this increased competition and choice.”