Microsoft is actively looking for new exclusives in China to compete against Sony

China is covering all possible areas with its economy and technology, including, of course, the gaming industry, where the astronomical figures that companies like the giant Tencent move influence companies from all over the world to look for the next mega-success across borders. Chinese. The proof is in titles like Genshin Impact, which is being a success for Sony by being a worldwide hit, which makes Microsoft want to secure one for them.

In fact, he recently tried it with Naraka: Bladepoint, the interesting Battle Royale that achieved success on PC, but his recent approach to mobile gaming would lead him to be looking for another type of title that would adapt to his service and to all platforms. to achieve similar success. And we can say it because this Reuters report indicates precisely that Americans are increasing the search for super-hits in the eastern country looking for an effect similar to that caused by Genshin Impact, which according to the text, has caused a significant sense of urgency.

The quality of games in China is increasing and Microsoft knows it

In the article we can read that Microsoft regrets losing Genshin Impact, and that even miHoYo, creators of the game, could not reach an agreement with Xbox. It is precisely this fact that has prompted Microsoft to search for new Chinese studios that meet this demand from users and the company. And of course, in these movements the mobile market comes into play, from which we must remember that most of the successes today come precisely from there.

One of these agreements occurred last year, as the developer ‘Recreate Games’, said that they signed an agreement with Microsoft so that their title “Party Animals” will come exclusively to Xbox. The curious thing is that the Executive Head of the study affirms that Xbox contacted many projects in China, but they were mainly focused on console and PC development. Will we see any of these agreements come true in the next presentations? In all probability.