Microsoft Edge extends ‘Follow the Creator’ feature to news websites

MADRID, 22 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Navigator microsoft edge is testing a extension of the function ‘Follow to the creator’which enables add news websites to the list of creators to follow that content directly from the browser, something that until now was only allowed on platforms like YouTube and Pinterest.

The ‘Follow Creator’ feature is a option that is in the form of a button in the browser’s search bar and allows you to configure it to create a list through which you can follow all the topics and articles that the user considers important on a website.

Until now, It was only possible with YouTube and Pinterest, among a few other services. In this case, when the user is visiting a channel or playing a video, if he clicks on the ‘Follow the creator’ button, he is automatically added to this list. So you can check the latest content from the creators that have been added to the ‘feed’ that appears in the browser.

Microsoft repeats the dynamic but for websites news. With this function, the browser will allow you to follow news sources and will show all the contents. You only have to click on the button when you are inside the website that you want to follow. However, at any time you can stop following any medium or creator.

To access the section dedicated to ‘Follow the creator’, the user will have to have a Microsoft signed in accountand you can find it in the sidebar of the browser with the content divided into two columns. First of all, the ‘Recent Posts’ and in the other column the list of all the creators that have been saved.

This function It is currently available in the Canary tester version of the browser, as detailed by the reddit user Leopeva64-2, who also teased the ‘Follow Creator’ button for YouTube in January.