Michael Rios | The former UC and Colo Colo who retired in silence: “There was no longer any desire; everything has its expiration

Earlier this year, Michael Ríos (37) decided to end his time as a footballer. The native of Lo Espejo, who remained professional for more than 15 seasons, did not make his retirement public, but today he speaks clearly about it. For him it was not necessary to announce his goodbye on social networks, for example. “It didn’t bother me to just do it… It’s nothing to write home about,” explains in an interview with AS.

The priorities of the one formed in Santiago Morning go in another direction. He was much more concerned about sharing more frequently with his loved ones. “That was one of the reasons to stop playing. I did not have to be in important moments of the family, so now we have to give them time “relates the former midfielder, who during his career also played for teams such as Deportes Iquique, Universidad Católica and Colo Colo, and even added two calls to the Red.

– Let’s start talking about the end of his career. Do you feel he deserved a better ending? At Lautaro de Buin he only played one game and at Deportes Melipilla he only managed to train…

– Yes, in Lautaro I had bad luck. I was able to continue playing there in the Second Division, when the punishment was suffered (due to administrative problems), but I did not want to go to that division again. I had already done it the previous year in San Antonio and the truth is that I didn’t find the category very enjoyable. And now, at the beginning of the year, I was in Melipilla, but we did not reach an agreement and after that I made the decision to retire.

– And how do you feel? Is the taste bitter?

– No not at all. I will always be grateful for football. Maybe I could have retired on the court, but no, it’s nothing to write home about. I don’t see it as bad. I already completed a cycle in football, I was happy while I played and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I keep the beautiful moments, with the friends I made and nothing, obviously this continues.

“I will always be grateful for football. I was happy while I played and I enjoyed it to the fullest”.

Michael Rios


Ríos, with the ’15’, in a friendly between La Roja and Senegal (2013).

– Have you been tempted to play again?

– I had a conversation in the middle of the year. At one point I wanted to go back, but then I said ‘no, I don’t want to’. I didn’t feel like it. I had taken a daily routine with my times. I decided to say no and nip that in the bud.

– How did it end physically and psychologically?

– Physically, well… Maybe I’ve gained a few kilos (laughs), but no, nothing to write home about. And psychologically, everything is fine, if things have an expiration date… Those of us who play know more or less how long our bodies will allow us.

– What was the most beautiful moment of your career?

– I have many. For me, getting to Colo Colo, being a fan of that team since I was a child, was fantastic. I would not change it for anything. But I did enjoy many moments in Iquique, when we fought downstairs and were able to get away. They are unforgettable memories. In Católica too, when we played the 2012 South American Championship and we had plenty of chances to reach a final. They are unique moments.

“Getting to Colo Colo, being a fan since I was a child, was fantastic. I would not change it for anything”.

Michael Rios
Rivers in Colo Colo (Credit: Photosport).


Rivers in Colo Colo (Credit: Photosport).

– Like his two goals against Independiente de Avellaneda…

– Yes, it was fantastic. Beating a great from South America, to a full stadium, is something indelible. I have a lot of love for UC. I have always said that I lived my best version there… I have wonderful moments in all the clubs that I defended.

– And what was your hardest moment?

– One of the hardest moments I experienced was when I was injured in Colo Colo. Something so serious had never happened to me (he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon)… What happened to me in 2015, at the Catholic University, was also hard, with all this court altercation (for the ‘Nuts Case’) and what we already know. It was a difficult time for me, for my family, but these are things that have already happened. I leave them behind and everything is fine.

“My altercation in court was a difficult time for me and my family.”

Michael Rios

– Did your time in Colo Colo leave you with little pleasure?

– Yes of course. I keep those things to myself, but yes… I was left with a taste of bitterness and more because of the injury, because when you play you give everything and want to win. When I recovered from the injury I had to leave the club, but whenever I was there, I was 100, committed. Being injured, I always went to see my teammates and I stick with that. From the outside I could always contribute something.

– Who is the coach that marked you the most?

– I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. Everyone has an important part in this. From ‘Clavito’ Godoy, with whom I debuted, until now the last time I was with Carlos Encinas. One is always learning from everything. But if we talk about moments that mark one, I mention Mario Lepe in Católica, ‘Mortero’ (Aravena) with ‘Arica’ Hurtado in Morning… And Pizzi too, because of his fantastic mentality.

“My stage in Colo Colo? There are things that I keep to myself, but I was left with a bitter taste”.

Michael Rios

– You were also directed by Pablo Guede…

– He was one of those who marked me a lot. He has a way of seeing football with a winning mentality, which is what I like. With him I lived super nice moments, he supported me a lot and I am grateful. I have a lot of love for him. He is going to keep me some, but for all those who directed me I have good impressions.

Michael Ríos in a University Classic (Credit: Photosport).


Michael Ríos in a University Classic (Credit: Photosport).