Michael Fuentes | He did not make inferiors, he was selected for beach soccer and today he arrives at the Red de Berizzo

Looking ahead to the friendlies that La Roja will hold with Poland and Slovakia between the 16th and 20th of this month, the great surprise of Eduardo Berizzo’s payroll was Michael Fuentes. After a good campaign with Audax Italiano, which ended with qualification for the next Copa Sudamericana, The winger from Iquique managed to add his first call to the adult team.

Fuentes, 24, has a rather unusual history, since he did not make inferiors. Before debuting professionally in Deportes Iquique (2018), the attacker only played at an amateur level. However, that is not the only striking fact about ‘Vadulli’. Berizzo’s new bet can also say that At some point, he was selected as a Chilean beach soccer player..

That last one, Andrés Carrasco remembers it perfectly. And of course, if it was the technician who directed Fuentes in the Red shirt. “The personal story with ‘Vadu’ began in 2016, in a friendly between the cadets of Deportes Iquique and the Selection of the AFI, the soccer association of Iquique. His performance (in the association team) caught our attention and we invited him to be part of the cadets along with a goalkeeper, Álvaro Rojas, but only the goalkeeper came to training, ”the coach tells AS.

– Why do you think Fuentes did not attend?

– We know he didn’t make cadets. I think he was always well identified with neighborhood soccer and participated in these amateur teams.

– And what happened next?

– The issue was that time passed and in 2017, in the Beach Soccer Team we needed to quickly assemble a Sub 20 to participate in the Conmebol South League and for this reason we brought several players from the Iquique Sports College, a Third Division team. of the North Zone Pilot Tournament (which had Michael Fuentes among its ranks).


Andrés Carrasco on Michael Fuentes: “He’s that classic brave and blunt neighborhood player.”

– And there he convinced Fuentes to be part of the Red shirt…

– We went to Uruguay, where ‘Vadu’, apart from playing for the Sub 20, we promoted him to the major, since he marked differences in the technical aspect and his very agile movement in the sand caught our attention. Then we had a tournament in China, but there he only participated in the adult. He is a player with a lot of character, very good technically and irreverent. He is that classic gutsy, gutsy neighborhood player.

– Later, he made the leap to Deportes Iquique…

– We did not last long in beach soccer, because Erick Guerrero invited him to be part of the Iquique Sports first team (at the end of 2017) and doing both things there became impossible, even though we kept inviting him, because who he wouldn’t want to have him… Besides, he was a player who rarely missed a training session. He is disciplined in that aspect.

– What do you think about the present of Fuentes, now with a call to the Red Berizzo?

– I am very happy with how much you have grown. Hopefully this will help him get out quickly to play outside of Chile.

– Was a player like him missing from the National Team? What do you think he can contribute?

– Of course. Hopefully the National Team’s game can be quickly adjusted to what the coach is going to ask, and the atmosphere of the players. He is going to bring youth and willingness to be a contribution in the very near future.

Michael Fuentes celebrating with Audax Italiano (Credit: Photosport).


Michael Fuentes celebrating with Audax Italiano (Credit: Photosport).