Metal Gear Solid 2 was on the verge of being canceled due to the attack on the Twin Towers

Metal Gear Solid 2 was close to being canceled due to the attack against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, as Hideo Kojima has announced in a recent interview.

As the creator of Metal Gear pointed out, the attack that occurred on September 11 was about to cause the game not to be launched but that Thanks to a person inside Konami, Kagemasa Kozuki, the title was released in November of that year.

“9/11 took place shortly before the launch. We had just sent the master, but the title featured the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, it seemed impossible to launch”, Kojima mentioned in conversation with IGNto later add that “the board of directors called me and everyone turned pale when I explained the situation and nobody wanted to tell me what to do except Mr. Kozuki.”

According to what Kojima mentions, while debating whether or not to launch the game and even the possibility of leaving Konami, Kozuki told him that “when the game comes out and they give their opinion about it, they will talk about you, its creator, and about me, the person who sold it. I doubt they’re talking about anyone else. What are you going to do? I am ready for everything”.

After this, the decision was made to launch the game, which to this day has become one of the central points of the saga. “When I heard how far he was willing to go, I made a firm decision to release it together. The rest is history”Kojima mentions.

The creator also had words for Mr. Kozuki, pointing out that he was the only one who worried about his state of health while developing the different games. “Looking back, I feel like he showed more concern for me than anyone else whenever he was in trouble.”