Medel closes a stage: “It is not necessary to say more Golden Generation”

Gary Medel brought out his voice after an irregular tour to Chile, who ended the year without winning a game in the era of Eduardo Berizzo, after losing to Poland and drawing today against Slovakia.

2022 will not be a good memory for the Chilean team, absent in Qatar 2022 which starts today and no recovery lights. It is time to think about the future. It is no longer necessary to say the Golden Generation. Here we are Chile, we are one, and we have to show that on the pitch”.

Medel is aware that the job ahead is long, and he plans to take part for now. “In training, in games, giving the best of each one. That is the example that we have to set for everyone.” he told TNT Sports after the match was over.

Not everything is negative, yes, for the Bologna player. “ANDThe result is not very good, but I think we played super well, with a lot of intensity, a lot of pressure. We recovered many balls in the rival field. Not happy, but satisfied with what my teammates gave”.

Regarding the next objectives, Medel believes that what is exhibited today is “it is the way” and that “it must be followed in the same way, all together rowing in the same direction”. The defensive midfielder said that “this is the path for what we want in the future.”