Mayor lashes out at Deportes Antofagasta and defines them “like Uncle Emilio’s programs”

It was, without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing episodes that Chilean football has offered in recent years. Last Saturday, the Palestino squad, TNT Sports broadcast teams and even the referees, who came to the vicinity of the Calvo y Bascuñán Stadium in Antofagasta, were unable to enter the venue. In this way, shortly after, the ANFP announced the suspension of the engagement between Arabs and pumas.

And in this regard, after the city cadre pointed against Mayor Jonathan Velásquez, it was the authority itself who defended itself and explained what is happening in conversation with Radio Agriculture:

“For me it is important to clarify that what happened is not the responsibility of the Municipality or this mayor. The past administration did not control that the CDA rents the field when it has to play, but over the years they have taken over the stadium, ”he shot at the entrance.

And by taking over the stadium, Velásquez means that “they put a weight room, they installed a gym, a jacuzzi, their offices and a laundry room in a bathroom.”

“I arrived and told them that they have a debt of more than 200 million pesos that they have not paid, I asked them to evict and they have not done so,” said the mayor. “They have a lot of money to pay for a laundry, gym and finance all their expenses.”

Later, fully involved in the controversy on Saturday, he explained that “I had committed the stadium to an athletics tournament three months ago. I can’t tell them ‘you know what, Deportes Antofagasta plays and you don’t do your tournament’, I already had it committed”.

Finally, to talk about Deportes Antofagasta, he used the figure of a renowned national TV host:

“This is like the Uncle Emilio programs, where the tenant arrives and hides inside the house and doesn’t want to pay… here it’s the same. It’s like choro: they present an appeal for protection thinking that justice will support them. I want to talk, that the fans have a good time”.