“Maybe I’m going to commit an infidence …”: Pancho Saavedra revealed ugly “chanchada” that her husband suffered after the birth of her daughter

An unpleasant situation was exposed on Monday night by Pancho Saavedra, who was the star guest in a new chapter of Textual Game.

In the middle of one of the dynamics of the new Channel 13 program, she recalled a moment that Coke, her husband, suffered after the birth of her daughter Laura.

“Perhaps I am going to commit an infidence. Thank God, on this channel, the executives who were at that time authorized me to have a postnatal, to stop the recordings, to order the calendars to be able to form my family, ”said the presenter of Places that Speak.

In fact, at that moment he revealed that “my husband did not have the same luck, they did not let him have a postnatal”.

“When one tries to expose a serious issue and a portal replicates it and says ‘Pancho Saavedra is angry because men don’t have postnatal care’, and people don’t take the time to read the reflection, I say ‘why do I keep sharing my life? private?’ And in the end one understands that it is important to do it”, he added.

“A pig”

After cardboard, Saavedra revealed on screen the reasons he had to expose it publicly “First, because what they did to my husband was a scam. By letting him not be able to have a postnatal, which he deserved, it is not letting him raise your son, ”she said.

In addition, he told what was the decision that Coke made later when faced with this complex situation.

“He left a letter of resignation, he left. He said, ‘I’m leaving because I’m going to put on record that my job is incompatible with raising my daughter,’” he recounted.