Mauricio Segovia | He was a champion with UC and now he begins his route as DT: “I hope I have Pellegrini’s career”

On January 7, Mauricio Segovia (44) used his Instagram account to make a very important announcement. After seven years, “Flaco” was no longer Luis Marcoleta’s technical assistant.

“Grateful is one of the most important values ​​in life, even more so the one that leaves a positive influence that is part of your identity as a person and as a professional. For this reason, I want to thank Professor Luis Marcoleta for giving me the opportunity to be part of his coaching staff for almost 7 years (…) Today I think the time has come to embark on a new course and new experiences in this beautiful profession”, was part of the message that the former defender wrote on his social network.

Ten months later, Segovia is the protagonist of the B market. Deportes La Serena and Barnechea would be two of the teams that would have the most interest in having him, who does not hide and faces rumors with enthusiasm. “I am happy to have the chance to be surveyed by some Primera B teamsso we hope that it can materialize. Without a doubt, the experiences with ‘teacher’ Marcoleta were an enormous learning experience, with good feelings for what may come as a coach”, Segovia account in chat with AS Chile.


Mauricio Segovia (second from left to right) together with Luis Marcoleta (third from left to right) and the rest of the coaching staff of one of the most successful coaches in Primera B.@mauricio_segovia_dt

– How much does having the endorsement of one of the best coaches in the history of the category contribute?

– One is grateful, because with the ‘teacher’ we had a relationship of more than 10 years. He had me as a player for three years and then we worked together for seven years, so without a doubt there is knowledge and learning from him, but that had to take time and today he catches me at a very mature moment in my life and with many desire to embark on my path as a coach.

– Was it difficult for you to make the decision to separate your professional path with him?

– No, it was not difficult for me, because I believe that one in life has to take on new challenges. One is a soccer coach and is preparing to one day have the possibility of directing. The eight years that I worked by his side helped me enough to learn what had to be learned from the category and today to wait for the opportunity to be able to direct.

– What did he tell you when he told you the decision?

– He was happy and sad at the same time, because we had a good friendship, but he understood that one has to have their own light. To the extent that he can train other leaders, I take it for granted, just as he did with me.

– How much do you think you have evolved as a coach in these years?

– A lot. From a professional, emotional point of view, knowledge of the category, the moments that this division has. It has been a huge growth and it catches me at a time of great knowledge and I really want to be inside.

– What is the playing style of your teams?

– I like well-organized teams, who are very clear on how to attack and defend, who are protagonists, with good ball handling. Knowing what the category is like, you have to be a structured team and manage many systems according to what you are going to face.

– And how do you manage the establishments in terms of relationships? What kind of coach is he in that aspect?

– Today the leadership of the coach and the entire coaching staff that is in charge of carrying out the project is essential. I am a close guy, but distant at the same time from the place that corresponds to me. As an assistant he was very close because the link between the player and the coach, but today one has that closeness, but he also has to stay on the sidelines due to the function. I have talked about it with my coaching staff and they are soccer people who know the category, so they will do the job they had before.

– Who make up your coaching staff?

– Hugo Quesada as physical trainer and Juan Elena, who has 10 years of experience in Chilean soccer and has worked with Emiliano Astorga, Ariel Pereyra, Luis Landeros, so he knows the division perfectly and that is why I understand that he can be a great contribution to me. increase.

– What did you think of the promotion league?

– It’s been a lot of fun. It must be remembered that since the social outbreak and the pandemic itself, we had not had the opportunity to see normal leagues with an audience. Today the locality becomes strong. Copiapó was the protagonist all year in his house, so it has been entertaining. All the games in the league have been good without neglecting the match between Copiapó and Cobreloa, which was very close and short, although knowing what the teams are playing for.

– The category has always been characterized by fighting and grit, but over the years it seems that the game has also improved. Do you think so?

– Definitely yes. And that is given to you by the courts, which are all very good. I like the tactical order, but I never let go of possession of the ball and being able to reach the rival goal in a constructed way. The example was set by Magallanes: a solid team, good treatment of the ball, protagonist from start to finish and was the best. However, despite having all that, you also have to understand that the category is irregular, so you have to look for that regularity that Magallanes had.

– Was it an extra motivation for you to see young coaches like Nicolás Núñez standing out in the division?

– Of course. It is very good that the leaders are daring. I have enormous respect for experienced coaches, because from there one learns, but one also has to open paths and today opportunities are being given. Hopefully I can have the chance to start my career next year.

– What references do you have?

– One lives from this and is passionate, but I am not as extremist as can be said. I also manage my times for my family, in my work as a father, as a brother, as a son, because that keeps you clearer compared to if you consume soccer all day. It seems to me that trends are giving you day by day. One cannot ignore that there are great national coaches and our greatest representative is Manuel Pellegrini. Many times we are characterized by having foreign references, but why not recognize a guy who is so respected worldwide? Sometimes we leave it in a second, third or fourth level. For me, without a doubt, it is a benchmark in every sense, for a reason it is so valued in Europe. Hopefully I have the career and be the closest thing to him. It is one’s dream and dreaming is free.

– Assuming that his arrival at a club materializes. Do you think that your experience in the category can help you convince certain players for your project?

– Yes, definitely. In football we all know each other, footballers know who you are, what your role was in other roles, they know how you are as a person, so I think it can be done in a good way.

– Do you have a deadline to define your future or do you take it easy?

– One has his anxiety and knows that there are a large number of national and foreign coaches who have been surveyed or who have the same number of meetings that one can have, which is normal at this time of the year, but there is the desire to to be defined soon.

Mauricio Segovia in a Rangers training session, where he was Luis Marcoleta's assistant.


Mauricio Segovia in a Rangers training session, where he was Luis Marcoleta’s assistant.@mauricio_segovia_dt