Mauricio Pesutic and his present away from the TV series: “I’m living on some savings”

The actor Mauricio Pesutic He confessed a complex present, unemployed and far from the TV series that once made him shine with characters like “Chingao”, in “Amores de Mercado”, or “Mario Verdugo” from “Hidden Truths”.

His last production broadcast on television was “La Torre de Mabel”, in Channel 13and so Edward Sources asked him directly about the topic on the program “Good Night Everyone”, from TVN.

We haven’t seen you on TV series for a while. What’s up?” asked the driver.

Pesutic was honest: “I don’t know why, I would also like to know. They haven’t called me, I don’t know.”

The interpreter recalled that at another time he was under contract on the state channel, although now the conditions for actors and actresses are different. “The market changed and I haven’t had a chance, they haven’t called me,” he said.

I hope you remember. I’ve made a couple of phone calls, but they haven’t worked,” she added.

How do you carry out unemployment in old age?

Pesutic assured that his pension and money he had saved have helped him survive. “I’m living off some savings I’ve put together in life. I’m retired, I win 210 lucas. I keep myself with those savingsbut I am spending and spending,” he admitted.

In any case, what “hurts” him the most is not being able to work as an actor: “It’s one’s job and being without it is painful. That is the most complex, the most screwed up. Not being able to do what you like.”


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