Mauricio Israel told what everyone wanted to know

For many, the daily routine starts with the background sound of the newscasts or morning television, and for many it is difficult to listen to the first chords of “Si No Te Habieras Ido” by Marco Antonio Solís, without immediately evoking Mauritius Israel on the Mega screen, concentrating on reading the newspapers, turning in complete silence, page after page.

The daily moment became the emblem of the controversial journalist, to the point that every time he is talked about in different entertainment spaces, they always play the de rigueur music.

Without going any further, this Wednesday’s episode of “Good Night Everyone” that started with its host, Edward Sourcesdiary in hand and, in the background, the Buki song, he did not need another introduction for everyone to know that the guest of the night in the conversation space was someone other than Mauritius Israel.

“It seems that you are already rehearsing,” Israel greeted Fuentes, making an indirect allusion to the probable and commented arrival of the former “True Lies” to lead the morning “Good Morning Everyone”, which has not yet been confirmed.

In this context, Eduardo Fuentes’ conversation with his guest began, recalling one of the most iconic routines on television, starring Mauricio Israel during his time on Mega.

It was a moment that marked a lot and gave me too much satisfaction”, he began by acknowledging Israel about the emblematic gesture of reading the newspapers in silence, and for himself, for several minutes, something unprecedented in a live space, and that was nevertheless liked by the public.

“Things start by accident,” he acknowledged. Mega’s former face When asked how he came up with the idea of ​​starting this routine that became his personal hallmark.

“This happened because there was a deputy director of Mega who did not want me on the channel and hid me from the newspapers, so they had to be sent to buy. They came to me when they were on the air, so I read them when I was in commercials or when they presented a note”, confessed the national journalist.

“One day I was stuck with something that came out in La Cuarta. Then, my orejero (person who speaks to him internally) tells me: ‘Now, we’re back’. I didn’t fish because I was very involved in what I was reading and in one minute it was quiet and they turned up the music“, declassified Mauricio Israel.

He also told how the idea arose that Marco Antonio Solís would be the musical curtain of his moments of silence, causing a milestone in the morning newscasts.

“I had brought this song from the United States from some trips I used to make when I was broadcasting the Formula Indy races. Well, after three minutes they told me: ‘Well, are you going to talk or not?’ wait because I’m finishing reading. When five minutes go by and I’m still silent, they tell me: ‘Do what you want, hue***’, since, against all odds, the rating went up instead of down, generating expectation in viewers .

“The truth is that I started reading and it became a section that lasted 35-40 minutes,” confessed the journalist who years later would be in the focus of the hurricane due to a debt scandal that would lead him to leave the country.

This is how viewers last night were able to remember and get to know the behind the scenes of one of the most emblematic moments of Chilean television, those that marked a decade, declassified by its protagonist, the very Mauritius Israel.