Mauricio Isla confessed: who is the “best friend” of his career and his “hardest rival to score” (he is not Messi)

Mauricio Isla underwent one of questions about his soccer career (and other topics), where he talked about the most difficult rivals he has faced and his affections in the world of soccer.

Consulted in a series of “ping-pong” type questions by TNT Sports, a relaxed right-back responded to the queries.

Thus, he assured that Alexis Sánchez is the “best friend of his football career”, with whom he has shared a dressing room both in La Roja and in Udinese.

The “messiest”

Regarding “the most difficult opponent to score”, he assured that this was Ángel Di María. “I confronted him several times,” he said. “It is a game that is technically extraordinary, he goes to space, he faces you and has a center.”

Of course, he clarified that “with (Lionel) Messi he never touched me because he played on the other side.”

He was also asked about his “most talented partner”, and he again mentioned “Wonder Boy”. And he added: “I think it’s between him and Andrea Pirlo, and Italian”, with whom he shared a dressing room at Juventus.

Regarding his “most messy” colleagues, he assured that they are Eduardo Vargas and Arturo Vidal. “They are both very messy, but totally happy and they come very well to the group, but both are messy.”

Finally, his pending dream is that La Roja returns to a World Cup, “with or without me,” he concluded.

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