Matias Vasquez | The jewel that surprised in the Red Sub 20: “Neither I nor the club expected it”

Matias Vasquez He is one of the players who prior to the South American Sub 20 He was not considered among the most outstanding of the Red of Patricio Ormazabal. However, the Magallanes footballer was the starting central defender and played every minute, despite the fact that there were two important names in his position: Tomás Avilés from Racing and Sebastián Pino from Alavés.

The 20-year-old footballer had only five matches in the Copa Chile and three summons in the 2022 promotion prior to the South American. “He was brought in late in the process and while he was considered for his performance, Neither I nor the club expected him to have that participation and that regularity. It left us very happy even though they didn’t qualify”.

– Based on what you saw in the South American, what can Vásquez contribute to Magallanes’ defence?

– Not only because of what I saw in the South American, because it was a confirmation of what we had been seeing from him on a day-to-day basis. In the Chile Cup he ended up playing and he helped us a lot in the right-back or center-back position in both profiles. Also in a line of three he contributes a lot, due to his speed to rebuild in defense, his good understanding of the game and the filtered pass. It will help us a lot if you come regularly.

There are several experienced defensive players on the squad. Does Vásquez have a chance to dispute ownership?

– Of course, as any young player can do, which has been demonstrated in our team. He participated a lot in the Copa Chile and he also has the requirement to meet the category to add the minutes required by the norm, so he is highly regarded. It is a confirmation of what he had been doing before the South American.

– whatDo you see Vásquez as a possible name for La Roja in the future?

– Yes, I have no doubt that this will be the case if he continues to enhance his qualities and continues to develop. He is very serious about his work, he has a very competitive mentality, he has clear objectives and he has focused a lot on that, so his performance with us has been very upward in a short time. That was also considered by the coaching staff of La Roja, because it also confirmed it and showed that he is one of the salvageable values ​​of this team. He did very well in these matches.