Matias Rodriguez | Two restaurants in Europe and a possible job in Chile: the new life of a historical University

Matías Rodríguez (36) chatted with AS. In the first part of the interview (click here to read)the idol of the University of Chile referred to the crisis of the blues and revealed how he lives it from his home in Argentina. “I watch the games alone, because I get nervous and I don’t like my family to see me like that”said the former winger, who retired from football a few months ago, in Defense and Justice.

Now, in this second part of the conversation, Rodríguez talks about his new projects: “In three or four more months I will receive technical director. And later, I always liked management and sports management. I have been preparing for a long time, a year and a half, working with a friend, and that is where we are. I also like real estate, business (laughs). I just started, but I’m trying to use my head and do the things I want.

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– And in relation to your future as DT, do you see yourself directing in Chile?

– It’s just that today I would say no, but ok. When I started the coaching course, I didn’t see myself doing it… You start to get just that little taste, that desire, but I like sports direction and sports management more than being a coach.

– You also have a gastronomic project with Lucas Aveldaño…

– He was in the U in 2019 and we had a very good relationship, both as colleagues and friends, as well as the family. My wife became very close friends with his wife. Lucas had told me that he had a restaurant and everything, and I asked him if there was the possibility of participating in some other business. And well, shortly after, the restaurant that we set up together in Spain happened. Now, a few days ago we put another one and I’m happy. I’m watching things other than football (laughs) to keep my head busy.

– Do you plan to return to Chile?

– I was there recently. I had a couple of meetings with job prospects and I was seeing friends. And recently I also made a trip to another side to see job possibilities, so I’m looking, moving. Things are not going to come alone. You have to look for them.

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