Mass Effect 5 game news: BioWare launches a cosmic scavenger hunt for its space action game

Since 2007, Mass Effect has earned the status of a cult license. Made up of four main games with Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 and Andromeda, the series will receive a 5th opus in a few years, which has been made official for development in 2020. On the occasion of N7 Day, November 7, we have some news.

Mass Effect: a cult license

Commander Shepard’s story has shaped a generation of gamers. Created by BioWare, the creators of Dragon Age, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Anthem, Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, this game series takes us to the Milky Way, to a time when humanity has found a way to move among the stars. There he met other sentient species, and eventually found his way to the Council, albeit with some difficulty.

But things did not take long to go wrong, with the betrayal of an elite soldier, subjected to a kind of machines determined to clean up the mess: the Reapers. The rest of the story can be discovered through Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which includes all three updated episodes of Shepard’s galactic epic, as well as nearly all of the released DLC.

A new image, mentions and an audio file full of clues

Mass Effect 5: BioWare's space action game goes on a cosmic treasure hunt

But since 2020, we know that a new episode is being prepared. A teaser, which brought even the biggest fans of the license to tears, announced the return of Mass Effect. When will he come back? We don’t know yet, and BioWare is keeping its secrets to the letter. Last year, we were offered a posterfeaturing a ship, a party of four characters, including a krogan, and a crater shaped like Geth, a robotic, synthetic life form.

There is no more information than that, except that the title was in pre-production. So we were waiting for N7 day (November 7) hoping to have some news about the game. And we did. It all started on the license’s Twitter account, with a work of artalready presented in 2020, accompanied by with a weird audio track and mentions in the lower left corner. Players immediately set about searching for clues in all of these items, which obviously only took a few tens of minutes.

In this image, we find what appears to be a cosmodetic relay under constructionwith a reference MR7 which could mean Ground Relay 7. This new generation relay would have been commissioned by a company called Green Dagger Ltd, owned by Deepspace Dhow SAV. A ship is also mentioned, commanded by Soa’Rhal Zhilian-Joneswhose name evokes both humans and qarians, one of the species of this universe. There is also serial number 234567 on the frame and what appears to be a date for this file: 11_07_90. Since Mass Effect 3 ends in 2186, this could be the date of November 7, 2190.

By the way, the video is called SA_Intercept_SatheriumSystem_Dock314, after a captured “file”. SA could stand for Systems Alliance, Satherium System for a distant solar system, and The 314 spring is certainly a reference to the 314 relay.through which humans discovered cosmic travel and triggered the war of first contact against the turians (Garrus species). And it’s not over yet! Because this animated work of art was accompanied by a strange audio file, which players were quick to decipher.

Mike Gamble, the director of the project, confirmed that it was the voice of Liara T’Sonian asari, and cult character of the trilogy. His words, accompanied by sounds that evoke the Geth again, would be the following:

Exactly. The Council will be furious. Although they already know that human distrust should not be underestimated. That has always been its most defining characteristic. How did this happen to us?

A statement that echoes the reconstruction of the relays, which the humans would have decided to implement on their side? It’s hard to say. So far the clue game devised by BioWare, and that still has some clues. about the pitch, the location and the characters of this future game.

Mass Effect 5 is still in pre-production, but it’s already underway!

What is the status of Mass Effect 5? It is on the BioWare blog where we find some answers. We found out that pre-production, which will end in early 2023 according to some sources, is going very wellBioWare highlights some of the key figures on the team: Mike Gamble, Project Director, Danielle Enns, Development Director, Mary DeMarle, Senior Narrative Director (ex-Eidos), and Parrish Ley, Franchise Creative Director.

Since we last talked about the next Mass Effect game, pre-production development has been going very well. The team, made up of veterans of the Mass Effect franchise as well as some amazing new additions to BioWare, has been growing. They’ve worked hard to create new characters and places you’ll love, as well as revisiting many you’ll remember. (…)

This is exceptionally exciting for the team and we would love to continue to share some glimpses of what we are working on with you in the future. And, especially today, we also want to honor the legacy that has brought us here. Millions of people have already experienced Mass Effect Legendary Edition, either again or for the first time. It means a lot to us to see that you enjoy our games and that you are part of this story. Whether you’ve been wearing the ‘N7’ from the start, are considering it one day, or something in between, it’s a privilege to see you in it.

All this is accompanied by a small association with Maxis around The Sims 4 (two jerseys to be picked up on November 17), and then a statement from Mike Gamble:

In the nearly 15 years since the first Mass Effect was released, the main reason we continue to enjoy working on it is the warmth, dedication, and passion of this community. Some of you have been with us at all times. We grew up together, we sacrificed Ashley together, (Editor’s Note: O Kaidan, Mike! We all make different decisions.) we faced hardships together… and we laughed our heads off… together! And for those new to Mass Effect (thanks Legendary Edition!), welcome back! I can promise that there are still many years of fun, adventure and characters to fall in love with.

No matter when you’ve joined us, through four games and more expansions, I can say with certainty that we’re here because of you, and every N7 Day is a wonderful reminder of that. Looking ahead, every week is a fun and exciting challenge for the team. We love bringing this universe to life, and while there’s much more we want to share with you, that’s for another time (…).

See you next year for even more concrete information… In the meantime, all eyes are on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The title does not yet have a release date, but it is undoubtedly the next BioWare production that will reach the hands of the players.

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