Mario Lepe’s pain over the UC strike: “We can’t expose ourselves to this for a couple of Lucas; neither the image of the club nor ours”

mario lepe is probably the main moral reserve of the Catholic University. Suffice it to say that one of the stands in San Carlos de Apoquindo bears the name of the historic midfielder, whom the fans do not forget for the dedication he put into each of the games he played or for the difficulties he had to overcome due to serious injuries. who suffered with the crossed shirt. mario lepe is also one of the Cruzados workers who strike started this week, after the agreement with the concessionaire that manages the student club did not accept the latest requests from the union that brings together those who provide services in the club. Not even his intercession managed to avoid the conflict.

Unfortunately we did not reach an agreement. At the last minute we agreed to accept all the points from the last offer, provided that they included eight football school teachers who earn the least. It was nothing more than that. Of the entire petition, there are many things that did not come to fruition, but we would accept what little they were going to give us if they accepted these eight professors. They were left out of everything. They were 40-odd thousand pesos a month. They go on strike only because they did not accept these eight workers, these 40-odd thousand pesos,” laments the symbol of the Las Condes club, in dialogue with Sportingwhile in the background whistles and screams resound that reveal discontent.

Lepe He acknowledges that his historical position in the club puts him in a complex situation, but he warns that he is clear about his condition. “It is difficult, it is complex. I am also a worker. I can’t be playing dumb, ignoring things that are happening to my peers. I am not hired as an idol, legend or historical, but because I make a mistake and I do it well for many years. Sometimes one does things because he cannot look to the side, he empathizes with his colleagues, seeks harmonization with everyone, better relationships. That’s why I joined the union, to seek that the worker is better. In this search one can ask for more or less, but in the end one must reach a consensus, an agreement, which was there, as long as these eight companions were incorporated”, he explains.

Mario Lepe in his stage as a UC player.

As a former soccer player, Lepe expects more determined support from the fringe first team. “The squad was much more into the game. It must have been for that”, tries to justify in relation to the lukewarm position that captain José Pedro Fuenzalida manifested, for example, in the prelude to the rematch against Universidad de Chile. “Without a doubt, they are part of us, workers like us. The people who are in the union are the ones who share with them day by day. Stuck in their day to day, in what they do, their interviews. At some point they will have to see that they are part of their lives. I don’t share it, but I understand it. We started the strike yesterday In these days they will assume their role as colleagues and will be able to help us in this struggle to be able to reach agreements”, he maintains.

It also reinforces the willingness to dialogue. “We have not stopped talking. We have not been blunt in what we want. We went on strike for eight colleagues, because the company did not want to incorporate them”, he clarifies..

In this context, he asks that Cruzados adopt the role of an exemplary club that has been praised many times. “We said it from the beginning, that the example had to be set in how to relate to the workers. I never imagined being in this situation. Neither do any of the workers. HWe made the effort. The strike is voted for by eight workers. (Juan Pablo) Pareja represents the company. We talk to the company and he is his voice”, expands.

Finally, he reveals that he tried to approach the leadership, considering the symbolic nature of his figure. “I told him the other day President and to the directory that they intervene in this. It cannot be that we are in this situation for 40 thousand pesos. If I call a friend, the money puts it. Or ourselves. It is not what one expects. I hope that these days there has been a little reflection. We did it, we voted, we accepted the last offer and we gave in many things. The same should happen with the company. We can’t expose ourselves to this for a couple of Lucas. Neither the image of the club nor ours. Here no one is victorious”, he concludes.