Mario Kart Tour: The Rainbow Path Arrives

Mario Kart Tour welcomes 2023 with a new update that includes the Rainbow Path, the legendary Wii track.

This Friday we woke up with good news for the players of Mario Kart Tour. It turns out that Nintendo confirmed that the game will receive a new track, but it is not just any track, but one full of history and nostalgia. We are talking about the mythical Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Path.

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Mario Kart Tour will soon receive its third season on iOS and Android. This update will come with great news, such as the Rainbow Path. Through social networks, Nintendo showed a small preview of this track in the game for mobile devices.

Now, fans discovered that the track will be accompanied. That’s right, thoroughly reviewing the image that Nintendo published, some players realized that they appear there Toad Y Toadetteclassic characters from the franchise.

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Hours after the announcement, Nintendo shared a video where you can see the Rainbow Path in more depth. As expected, we are talking about one of the most challenging tracks in the franchise, so iOS and Android players will face a great challenge. Similarly, in the video Toad and Toadette appear in more detail.

How about? This new update will arrive on January 11, 2023.