Marcelo Marocchino’s comment that infuriated Jorge Valdivia’s fans on social networks: he should have clarified his sayings

A curious situation occurred this week on social networks, which featured Marcelo Marocchino.

Everything arose after the former reality boy left a particular message for Jorge Valdivia in one of his postcards that he shared on Instagram, where the former Colo Colo appears exercising in the gym.

“What is this? Sixth category?” The Italian wrote in the publication. “Third”, the Magician replied along with some Instagram emoticons, who took it with humor because he is a friend of Marocchino.

However, the comment still irritated the footballer’s supporters, who came out to criticize him en masse. They even called him “unknown”.

For the same reason, it was the businessman who raised his voice and went out to explain his comment.

“My God, how they catch. We have been friends for many years and we bother each other… laugh a little, ”she defended herself.

And along the same lines, he added: “Brother, I advise you not to judge without knowing people. With the ‘Wizard’ we have been friends for a long time and we screw each other, as all true friends do. He tries to think and reflect before giving such a basic and meaningless comment like the one you just made, ”he replied to another hater.

The Wizard’s Defense

In addition, the Wizard himself also came out to lend him clothes.

“Your life is what makes the envious person uncomfortable. When you get sick, only your friends and family will be supporting you. So, do not worry about these things, ”wrote the former white midfielder.