Marcelo Larrondo | The Chilean striker looking for a new chance: “I’m very good; I miss playing”

In March 2022, Marcelo Larrondo (34) terminated his contract with Italian Audax For personal motives. After 10 months without a club, the Argentine-Chilean striker longs for a new opportunity in professionalism. He trained for a week with Unión La Calera, a team with which he was even linked for the 2023 season, but finally the signing fell through. That’s why in AS Chile, the attacker decides to tell how everything happened.

“I had several clubs interested in me. from the market of Bolivia, Jorge Wilsterman He wanted to count on me, but nowadays one makes decisions thinking about the family. Perhaps before one was more selfish and decided for oneself, but now with the children and the family, which is the most important thing, one decides. I spent a week training with Unión La Calera, in their complex, but we did not reach an agreement”, Larrondo tells AS.

– In what sense?

– Economically he did not finish closing me. The proposal did not fully convince me, what they offered me was very little and moving the family to Chile for that proposal… they did not close the numbers for me. I made my counterproposal and in the end I said no because I was not completely convinced. Now I am waiting to see what comes out and I also wanted to go out and clarify it, because yesterday (Thursday) it came out that I was already a La Calera player, and that prevents me from continuing to move the market because everyone thought that I had already arranged with the club. Luckily, now I can clear it up. Physically I’m fine, very happy, hoping to play again.

– Was the end of the negotiation with La Calera good terms?

– Obvious! I have always had good terms with the leaders of Unión La Calera. What’s more, I thank them, because when I went out to speak in a Chilean medium, they quickly contacted me and I was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​playing here again. That week that I was training, I analyzed the contract, but in the end we did not reach an agreement, but always on good terms.

– Are the Chilean and Argentine markets your priority due to family issues?

– Yes, totally. Wilstermann’s president urged me to go, but the family is always ahead. I thank them very much for the interest. Chile and Argentina are always the countries we look at. Chile is five hours from Mendoza for me and Argentina obviously always seduces, but the market is somewhat complicated. I am waiting to see what happens and continue training. The important thing is that I still have proposals and all that remains is to see and analyze the most important one for my family.

– Is there a deadline to sign in a club?

– Lately I’m used to joining the teams last (laughs). The good thing is that I always adapt quickly and end up playing. That leaves me calm, I know my qualities and that I can quickly make myself available to the team.

– How have these months been without playing?

– One always thinks that soccer is above everything, but the truth is that this time helped me to be with my children, share a birthday with them, be able to take them to school and withdraw them, share with my wife. It’s been years since I shared a birthday with my family (laughs). Eating a barbecue with my friends like I haven’t done in so long, it’s also good. Those things helped fill me with energy. I also had a ‘teacher’ from Rosario in my town and we trained constantly. I never stopped training and always stayed active. That helps me.

– Has it never crossed your mind to retire?

– No no no. It is true that one really enjoys those things that he told you about because he does not always have them. But also, you enjoy the stress you experience as a footballer. Believe it or not, the pressure to play well, train constantly, not to lose performance, is something that is present. Of course, sometimes being out of that is also good. Obviously he misses playing again. Physically I am very well. The week I trained at La Calera I felt very good. I thought I was going to suffer, but no. I felt comfortable.