Marcelo Barticciotto is worried and emphasized two Colo-Colo players after losing the Super Cup

The idol of the Cacique analyzed the defeat against Magallanes for the Super Cup and took advantage of emphasizing the new Popular players.

After the Colo-Colo’s defeat against Magallanes for the 2023 Super CupSeveral people came out to analyze the situation. One of them was Marcelo Barticiottowho in his work as a communicator in Radio Cooperative He commented on what the Cacique had done. However, the former footballer wanted to delve deeper into the subject of reinforcements.

In this sense, the idol of Popular was not entirely happy with the performance of the two defenders on the sides. “I do not know if (Gustavo) Quinteros He is convinced with the sides, they didn’t make a good gameso much wiemberg What Bruno Gutierrez. The problem is that it doesn’t have much else. has to jeson rojas on the right, but on the left it is more complicated, you should aim for wiemberg give up,” he said.

Continuing with that reflection, the ‘7 del Pueblo’ does not know if the following signings will become owners of a position in the starting eleven, although it is moderate in that sense.

I don’t know if the three reinforcements that are going to come will be the undisputed starters either., they must fight for the position with those who are. Now, those outside are always better when you lose, that’s why the analysis must be measured, objective, clear and precise. Not so deep, because it is the first game, ”he indicated.

Erick Wiemberg was one of those targeted by Marcelo Barticciotto after the level shown against Magallanes.

However, Marcelo Barticiotto did not stop there and sent a message to the leadership of Blanco y Negro. “Colo-Colo They have a good team, but higher-ranking players must arrive. Quality players have not been brought in to make that leap“, finished.