Marcelo Barticciotto attacks Blanco y Negro, talks about Chilean soccer and sends a warning to Leandro Benegas

The idol of Colo-Colo analyzed the imminent arrival of the striker from Independiente de Avellaneda, an instance where he questioned the dealership due to the high age of the “Toro”.

The people of Colocolino woke up this Wednesday December 21 with a real bang. This, since various sources from Argentina and Chile state that Leandro Benegas reached an agreement with Blanco y Negro to reinforce the Eternal Champion for the 2023 season.

Now the old longing for Gustavo Quinteros You must unlock your exit with Independent of Avellanedasince the “Red” owes him about four months salary to the ex-goleador of University of Chile and Palestinian.

Given this, a voice forced to analyze all the details of the Cacique is Marcelo Barticiottoidol of the Cacique who put all the factors in the balance when talking about the new white reinforcement.

“There are two scenarios here, one negative and the other positive. The downside is that they owe you money, I think it’s four months and in Argentina you end up collecting it, it’s not ideal that they owe you. The scenario is positive, which is that he is a starter at Independiente and a big team from Argentina is playing“, he claimed.

A hard message to B&N

Secondly, the idol of Colo-Colo sent a clear warning to Leandro Benegassince he is arriving at a lower quality football than the Argentine to sit on the substitute bench

“Supposedly everyone here is talking about how he will be the alternative to Juan Martín Lucero, but he is coming, with the respect that Chilean football deserves because I participate in this, to a lesser football and to be a substitute. Obviously he will have to put everything on the scale, if he is more interested in charging per day here he will do it but he does not know if he is going to play ”, he pointed out.

To end, Marcelo Barticiotto attacked the efforts being made black and white, due to the high age that Benegas has. “Another thing for Colo-Colo, he ends up hiring a 34-year-old player that is not minor, I don’t know what the Cacique project is about“, he sentenced.