Magicenelbeat, the Chilean producer who won the Latin Grammy: “Mom, I told you I was going to win a Grammy one day”

Thursday, November 17, meant a special day for Joaquín Calderón, better known to many as Magicenelbeat. The producer was a participant in the album A summer without you album that won the award for Best Urban Music Album at the 2022 Latin Grammys.

The Chilean was the producer of the song “Un coco”, track 18 of the LP, thus adding a new milestone in his career. In his history, he has several hits such as: “Ultra solo”, “La terapia”, “Tak tiki tak”, “Marisola”, “Cu4tro”, among other successes.

For this reason, Calderón wrote about his feelings after the news on social networks.

“After ten years trying to fulfill my dreams, things are starting to happen. I know that for some producers it may not be a reason to publish or write a great will … ”she began.

“But I come from Chile, a place at the end of the world where it is so difficult to live from dreams, where many times they looked down on me for making music, for that and for everything that I have screwed up is that I feel happy, but above all because this achievement belongs to all of us as a Chilean industry, we who come from less than a hundred and dream every day of achieving it”.

“Mom, I told you I was going to win a Grammy someday” Magicenelbeat closed.

This marks another step for the national urban scene and its growth worldwide.

We still need to know what will happen at the gringo Grammys, in which a summer without you is nominated for Best Album of the Year. Perhaps, there the harvest of prizes will continue to grow.