Magallanes and Cobreloa seek in parallel the Ascenso title and their return to the First Division

In a fiery definition, this Tuesday Magallanes and Cobreloa jump onto the field to determine the champion of the 2022 Ascent Championship and, with it, one of the two quotas to access the Chilean football of honor.

both squads arrive at the last date with a narrow difference. The “carabeleros” lead with 69 units, while the “foxes” are escorts only two points behind.

The albiceleste team will not have to move from the capital, as they face Deportes Recoleta on a visit at the Florida Bicentennial Stadium.

With a victory against the “reco”, the “handful of carnations” will ensure his return to First A after 36 years, regardless of what happens to the oranges. The albiazules will also go with everything, because they are complicated in the averages that define a relegation to the Second Division.

In parallel, the loínos officiate as local in front of Santiago Morninga team that is without league options and that will seek victory only to finish the season in good shape. The only favorable scenario for the northern team is that they achieve a victory and that a Magellanic fall occurs.

The matches will be played from 5:30 p.m., along with the Union San Felipe vs. Fernández Vial and Deportes Melipilla against Deportes Iquique. You can follow the definition in Al