Lunar Eclipse, today November 8: what time does it start and from what places in Chile can it be seen

This Tuesday, November 8, starting at 5 am, there will be an event worthy of werewolf movies, since the moon will be completely dyed red as the earth crosses between her and the sun.

The astronomical show It will last one hour and 25 minutes in its total phase. While the twilight mode will last for five hours and 52 minutes. Finally, the partial eclipse will last three hours and 39 minutes.

A unique eclipse in years

As reported by NASA, these types of events happen on average every year and a half. Additionally, the “blood Moon”, as it is known, is the second total lunar eclipse of 2022, after a similar show was experienced in May.

However, it may be the last for a few years. According to NASA, the next total lunar eclipse will be in March 2025, so for three years we will not witness a phenomenon like this.

From where can it be seen?

The places where the total eclipse can be seen are Asia, Australia, North America and the Pacific.

Nevertheless, from Chile it will be complex to observe it in its entiretyso it will be appreciated only partially from the different points of the country.