Luis Pedraza revealed how his nickname “Toco Toco” came about: Rafael Araneda was involved

This Saturday night a new chapter of The Divine Foodwhich included the participation of Luis Pedraza, Juan Falcón, Javiera Díaz de Valdés and Antonia Orellana.

The singer was the second to open the doors of his house to diners and recalled his time on the program Red in 2003, where he took second place.

It was then that, after being consulted by Juan Falcón, that the artist revealed where his nickname “Toco Toco” was born.

“I was hanging out at that time (…) it wasn’t from TV, it was Colombian, very beautiful. I was 18. And we said to each other ‘toco toco’, instead of saying any other nonsense, guagüito, piggy… It was a matter of nonsense, ”she began explaining.

The Divine Food (CHV)

After this, he pointed out that “then one day, we voted with blackboards ourselves and we had to eliminate one. And we put ‘greetings to my mom’ and I put ‘greetings to toco toco’ and Rafa then asked ‘and who is toco toco?’”.

“And that’s where the question begins. And I told him ‘nothing, it’s my girlfriend’. Rafa does me like this, he catches me here (he grabs my cheek) and tells me ‘oh, I play, I play,’ ” he said, adding that the host of the space then encouraged the public to call him that.

Pedraza was honest about the nickname, revealing that “I didn’t like it, honestly, I didn’t like it. And to this day I accept it.”

Finally, he acknowledged that there are many people who call him “Toco Toco” but that it no longer bothers him that people call him that.