Luciano Cabral obtains parole and projects his future in Chile

On September 15, Luciano Cabral was paroled and took a decisive step to return to the life he had before January 1, 2017, when he participated in the murder of the murguero Joan Villegas in Mendoza. That day, the existence of the ex-selected Chilean Sub 20 and midfielder of Athlético Paranaense changed definitively. Both he and his father and his cousin Áxel Olguín ended up behind bars. Football player received a sentence of nine and a half years in prisonwhile his father is serving 16 years and his other relative was sentenced to eight.

After five years and eight months in prison, the player is already with his family full time, since in the last part of his sentence he enjoyed a regime a little similar to freedom, which allowed him to be with his loved ones the most of the time. “Today I am in the same farm, but apart from the other inmates, because I am the only one who has this benefit. I only go back to the complex to sleep. Every day I leave at 7 in the morning and show up at 9.30 at night. I enjoy that benefit from Monday to Friday here at the club and on the weekend with my family, ”he said last June In an interview with Sporting.

In that same conversation, Cabral expressed his desire to settle in Chile as soon as he was released for fear of reprisals. “Exactly. Against me and my family, because today I have children. Today I think more about my children than about myself., he pointed out, while stating that he could not talk with the affected family due to the existence of precautionary measures: “Not because I did not propose it, but because the other side has not offered the possibility and I cannot exceed its limits in these things. Also, there is a ban on approaching them. That is good for me and I want the day I regain my freedom to be the same for both sides: that they can’t get close to me and I can’t get close to them.

With his parole executed, the man trained at La Paternal He is processing the possibility of signing before the Chilean Justice, taking advantage of his nationality. This request has to be analyzed by the Supreme Court. If the answer is positive, the midfielder will cross the mountain range and seek to sign up for a national team. “That is my great desire: to be able to revive new things in a country that has given me a lot of love and affection, things that I did not find here”pointed out last June.

Currently he already has a representative and is getting ready on his own, according to confidence in his environment. A couple of weeks ago he took advantage of Argentinos Juniors’ visit to Mendoza to play with Godoy Cruz. There he approached the campus of his former team and the leadership, with whom he shared privately. A couple of days ago, the club where Diego Armando Maradona came from made the meeting public.

In the coming weeks, Luciano Cabral will have a clearer destiny to see if he can fulfill his desire to relaunch his career in Chile and seek a new opportunity in football at the age of 27.