Luciano Cabral | “He can reach the Red”: he played again after being in prison for five years and appears as a great figure

The preseason duel between Universidad de Chile and Coquimbo Unido was not one more for Luciano Cabral (27). The midfielder returned to play a duel at a professional level for the first time in five years and after leaving behind a homicide conviction that kept him in jail until June last year.

Despite the long wait, Cabral immediately showed that he has plenty of talent to get ahead. The Argentine-Chilean midfielder was trained in the CAI, then went to Argentinos Juniors, reached the Red Sub 20 and later signed with Athletico Paranaense. His career seemed to have no end, but everything collapsed suddenly.

On January 1, 2017, when he was 21 years old, the soccer player was involved in the murder of Joan Villegas, in Mendoza. It was for this reason that he received a sentence of nine and a half years in prison. For good conduct he was released in June 2022 and in December he was announced as a signing for Coquimbo Unido.

Hugo Tocalli, former Colo Colo coach, was the one who took him to the Chilean team, since he already knew him from Argentinos Juniors. The veteran DT is happy today for the return to activity of his former pupil.

– Did you know that Luciano Cabral returned to play soccer professionally?

– I had no idea. I knew that he was training at Argentinos Juniors a few weeks ago, because I spoke with him when he just started practicing here in Argentina.

– What do you feel about Luciano being signed by Coquimbo?

– It makes me very happy, for the quality of player that he is, for his human quality. I don’t know if he was wrong, I can’t say something I don’t know. But I know that he is humanly a barbaric guy, a kid that I had in the National Team, I also had him in Argentinos Juniors. He is a kid that God wants he can continue playing. I am sure that he will give a lot to football. And he can also give Chilean soccer a lot.

– Do you think that if Cabral achieves a better soccer performance, he could be an option for the Chilean National Team?

– Yes, I’m sure. Just don’t forget that she spent five years without playing. You have to see how long it takes to get back into rhythm to play in a national team. Today a barbaric rhythm is needed, but they told me that yesterday they played against the U and the people applauded him. He is undoubtedly a very good player. Now you have to see how he continues after five years unemployed.