Luciano Aued in AS: a ‘message’ to Colo Colo, the memory of Boric and his new facet

Luciano Aued (35) is no longer part of Universidad Católica, but keep an eye on everything that happens with the club. In this sense, the Argentine is confident that his former teammates will resume leadership this year. “If they can dethrone Colo Colo? Yes, a great team was put together”says the Unión de Santa Fe midfielder to AS.

“The players that arrived are of a hierarchy and it has been seen in the first games. The club will once again be in the top positions, as it always did, and will fight the tournament. And in the international part, without a doubt he will be one of the finalists ”deepens Aued, who in this conversation addresses multiple topics.

PART 1: “To this day my daughter asks me ‘when do we go back to the little house in Chile?’; I was very happy in the country”

– What did you think of Clemente Montes’ departure for Celta?

– I talked a lot with him during this time. I chatted with him to see if what was being said was true and he told me that he was convinced and that he wanted to take that step. And I told him ‘well, go ahead, it’s important. If you do it convinced, you will not fail’. Católica will always be his home, the place where he can return, but well, he is going to an important league where he will have to fight and accommodate. But as I say: if he does it convinced, without a doubt he will do well, due to the quality and hierarchy that he has. And hopefully he can also give La Roja joy.

– During your time at UC, were you able to exchange messages with President Gabriel Boric, regarding the fact that he is a crusader fan?

– The only exchange I had was when I returned from the heart problem, he wrote me a message and I, through people I knew or friends, sent him my thanks. He contacted me, we exchanged messages and I thanked him.

– What did you tell him?

– I told him that at some point I would like, if possible, to have a chat and meet him. For me it would be something very nice… But above all I thanked him for taking the time to write to me and dedicate a few words to me. It is not an everyday thing for a President to write or be aware of a health situation like the one that happened to me.

– I change the subject. How are you doing with your studies? A few months ago she told that she was studying a diploma in Sports Management…

– Yes, I’m in the last stage. I have to deliver the final project and if everything goes well, we would already have the diploma. It’s good to have that, especially to be prepared for what comes after retirement, which I don’t think is easy. In my case, I like being linked to football and on a day-to-day basis I see myself as a coach or assistant, but it is good to know this facet, to take it into account and that it should not be easy.


Aued, in the interview with AS.

– What do you mean?

– Sometimes, one sees him as a player. So, it demands and demands, and on the other side there are a lot of condiments and edges that one does not take into account when making decisions and only demands.

– How would you like to return to Católica? As a coach or sports director?

– I don’t know, time will tell. I do know that the roads will always be connected, because of everything we live together. We created a bond that will last over time and that leaves me alone. As I told you, after leaving the degree we will see, to see what position he finds me in or what I want to dedicate myself to… From there we will see if it can be given in Católica or not. But hey… I will always be grateful to the club.

– What other project do you have in mind, thinking about the day you leave football?

– I don’t think much about retirement, because it’s not a minor issue. I think it is a subject that I will surely discuss with specialists so that they can help me, because I do not see it as something easy to digest. He thinks that I had a heart problem that almost cost me my life, and all I wanted was to play again. So, imagine what soccer is for me, competing, being a player.

– How many years do you think you have left at a good level?

– I don’t know. Luckily, I always led an orderly and healthy life. I have had traumatic injuries, but they have been from overexerting myself and wanting to be on the field. So, that helps a lot, having taken care of yourself all this time… It was so hard for me to come back because of the issue of my heart, that now, in what remains of me, I want to enjoy a lot and compete at the highest level. Being on a court is the most beautiful thing there is. Later we will see for how many years they will remain.

– What dreams do you have left to fulfill in football?

– I had dreams that I couldn’t achieve, like being on a payroll in Argentina… And the truth is that the other thing, like transfers to European football and so on, when I was younger, I never had it as a goal. What yes, I had the objective of being able to establish myself and have a good career, according to what it gives me. The career I had for some will be bad, for others it will be fair and for others it will be good, but I always gave it my all.

– And in life?

– I want to be a good father to my daughter. Logically I would like to have more children, but today that I have my daughter Charito, what I most want is for her to be happy and have a father by her side who will help her in all her growth.

Luciano Aued and his daughter.


Luciano Aued and his daughter.